Couples Therapy in NYC

If you’re feeling stuck in your relationship, couples therapy can help you and your partner reconnect.

Therapy for Couples in NYC

Many people come to couples therapy because of dissatisfaction. Or maybe you’re hoping to enhance existing strengths or work on a few minor issues to have an incredible relationship.

Couples therapy can help you improve your relationship by teaching you how to effectively communicate, solve problems together, understand what your shared values and interests are and how to accept and make room for differences.

How Our NYC Couples Therapists Can Help

New York Behavioral Health therapists use best practices. Since we use scientifically supported treatments for couples therapy, there is good reason to believe you can reconnect with your partner and resolve conflict soon.

  • Improve communication
  • Increase intimacy and understanding in your relationship
  • Feel more connected with your partner
  • Create and re-establish trust

Types of Couples Therapy

The Gottman Method

The Gottman Method is an evidence-based approach to couples therapythat includes a thorough assessment of the couple’s relationship and integrates research-based interventions. The goals in this type of therapy may include reducing conflicting verbal communication and increasing intimacy, respect, and affection. You may remove barriers that keep you and your partner feeling stuck and increase empathy and understanding within the relationship.

Imago Relationship Therapy

Imago Relationship Therapy is a form of relationship and couples therapy that focuses on transforming conflict into healing and growth through relational connection.

What is Couples Therapy?

Couples therapy can help you improve your relationship by teaching you how to effectively communicate, solve problems together, understand what your shared values and interests are and how to accept and make room for differences. Using scientifically supported techniques, an NYC therapist can help you decrease conflict, resentment, and loneliness, while also cultivating intimacy, pleasure, excitement, and stability in your relationship. Improving your relationship satisfaction is something that takes work, but can often be done.

You can expect a skilled NYC couples therapist to assess your strengths and weaknesses as a couple, identify any current problems, historical patterns, and set goals for therapy. Then, you’ll collaboratively develop an understanding of the reason why problems exist and learn skills necessary to solve these problems.

Who Can Benefit From Couples Therapy?

Couples in New York City face the same issues as those living elsewhere. With that said, the pace and demands of NYC can often put strain on any relationship. Some common issues and problems that may bring a couple to therapy are:

  • Anger and/or resentment
  • Depressed partner
  • Anxious partner
  • Constant arguments and fighting
  • Low or no sex
  • Waning chemistry
  • Infidelity
  • Loss of trust
  • Poor communication
  • Emotionally cold or disconnected partner
  • Inability to commit
  • Constant blame
  • Inability to forgive
  • Discrepancies in values, interests, and lifestyles

Our Couples Therapists

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How Couples Therapy in NYC Works

Step one

Connect with your therapist by either completing our appointment request form or reaching out to our care coordinators over the phone.

Step two

Attend a 45 minute intake session, where you will get to know your chosen therapist. The point of this visit is to learn what brought you to therapy and how we can help.

Step three

In each ongoing session, you and your therapist will use trusted therapy approaches to help you develop and reach your goals. Collaboratively, you’ll connect in a safe, comfortable space to help you engage in your life in the way you want.

Contemporary care

Empathetic Experts

Our therapists and coaches have combined decades of experience and are specially trained to provide high quality, compassionate support for your health and wellbeing.

Goal oriented

We’re dedicated to using evidence-based methods to ensure you receive the most effective treatment and meet your goals.

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personalized matching

We know that having a better relationship with your therapist leads to better outcomes, so we carefully match you with the right therapist to fit your unique needs.


compassionate care

It’s important to our therapists that you feel safe, seen, and understood in therapy. Our offices are judgment-free spaces.

Are you ready to reconnect in your relationship?

Our NYC couples therapists can help you start your path forward. We’ll help you develop goals for treatment, unique to your unique relationship’s needs, and offer you compassion and understanding.

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