Road Rage

Road rage is a common occurrence in the United States. Unfortunately this leads to preventable deaths, serious injury, property damage, and severe legal and financial consequences.

Although the problem is a serious one, there are effective treatments available for people suffering from intense anger that results in aggression on the road.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anger

Three Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) treatments and combinations of these have been shown to effectively reduce anger.  Specifically, for angry drivers, one of these may be more effective than the others. Clients may still benefit from receiving all three, as many clients who suffer from anger and aggression problems on the road, also run into problems at work and with family at home.

Studies indicate that the majority of drivers come into contact with another driver’s road rage in any given year. And most drivers admit that they, at some point, have experienced road rage themselves. Fortunately, for most people the anger is not followed by illegal or aggressive driving behavior.

Road Rage Anger Behaviors

1) Tailgating

2) Chasing and Racing

3) Slow Driving and Blocking

4) Driving into People or Property

5) Physical Aggression



Anger is associated with increases in arousal and activation of areas in the brain that narrow a person’s attention.  Impairments in judgment, motor function, attentional focus are common.  In addition, angry drivers have a tendency to ruminate about the perceived insult or violation of the other driver, which may fuel road rage.

Anger Management

If you or a loved one have questions about effective anger management treatment for road rage, please contact New York Behavioral Health.  We will be happy to explain the treatment options.



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