Therapy is a space to examine, to improve, to confront life’s challenges, and to be brave. I welcome my client(s) and their challenges. Let’s figure this out together.

Ursula Saunders

Clinical Intern

We all have a story; I want to hear yours. People live life through the lens of their culture, family, intimate relationships, and experiences. What created you is where you came from, what shapes you is the life experiences and relationships you have had along the way, but what defines you is the challenges you face and overcome. Life is about choices.

I offer you the opportunity to acquire a new perspective, to take responsibility for your life and to take action to create the life and relationships you desire. I integrate solution-oriented, narrative, emotionally focused, and cognitive behavioral therapies. We will discuss your goals and your life journey to pinpoint the changes that need to be made and to design a plan for you. 

Everyone can benefit from therapy. Couples in distress, individuals suffering with mental health challenges, or parents struggling to connect with their teen. It is human to need emotional support, to be overwhelmed, and to have imperfections. It takes tremendous strength of character to ask for guidance.

My practice offers a compassionate, challenging, and direct approach without judgement. I make no assumptions about you or your life journey – I do not rush to diagnose or pathologize. We will partake in conversation. Expect an open and honest dialogue – a discussion that will include self-examination and taking personal responsibility.

As my client, you are my colleague as we work together towards reaching your goals. Client(s) learn to identify toxic patterns and ideologies while developing the behavioral and emotional skills to create a more fulfilling future. We will be addressing the underlying sources of relationship discord, personal struggle, and any negative behavioral or emotional thought patterns. Come prepared to actively participate in your own growth. Together we can do great things.