Susan Pava

Susan Pava, LMFT

Staff Therapist

Susan is passionate about helping those going through the painful process of divorce. She has a great deal of experience in this area and understands the overwhelming disruption divorce brings to life, for both the adults and children involved.  She is committed to making this difficult event as manageable as possible.

Susan believes strongly in the practice of mindfulness-the core of behavioral therapy, and finds strength in being grateful and recognizes the value of embracing life with arms wide open.

Susan is a psychotherapist at New York Behavioral Health, practicing out of the New York City and Rockville Center offices. She completed her master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at Iona College and is systemically trained. Additionally, she practices both Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

Susan comes to this career later in life after having had a successful career in advertising. She has a wealth of life experience that enables her to be empathic and compassionate when connecting with others, enhancing her abilities as a therapist.

Before joining NYBH, Susan worked for over two years with clients struggling with substance abuse in an outpatient setting where co-occurring mental illness is often the norm. Along with individuals, she has also worked with both their families and spouses in this arena as well. She finds DBT skill’s training has been very effective in here, vastly improving the quality of life for many.

Susan has worked with clients dealing with mood disorders, couples’ issues, family stressors, and more, employing an eclectic approach to therapy as determined by the client’s needs and comfort. Her goal is to provide a warm, compassionate environment in which she and the client may develop a connection that feels safe to do the necessary work in reaching the client’s goals.