Psychotherapy gives us an opportunity to examine our values and discover who we are and where we’re going. It provides a new awareness of our resilience, knowledge in and of ourselves as fallible human beings and the freedom to live life’s twists and turns with passion and compassion.

Susan Pava, LMFT

Staff Therapist

It’s my firm conviction that mindfulness is paramount, both in psychotherapy and in daily living. Here all work is heart-centered and grounded in mindfulness.

My goal for therapy is to work collaboratively, helping you achieve your goals and reach a state of unconditional self-acceptance. I practice both Dialectical Behavior Therapy for emotion regulation and Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy to discover the core beliefs, both effective and ineffective, determining both your behavior and attitudes.

After years in advertising and marketing and a good deal of life experience I became a psychotherapist to help those struggling with very real life challenges. It’s my hope to provide you with the skills & tools enabling you to live a happy and productive life.