I aim to help clients live more consciously with more control, more clarity, and a better understanding and acceptance of self. I make every effort to meet each client where they are and work to tailor treatment to individual needs.

Areas of Expertise

Nicole Cuttita, Ms.Ed, MHC-LP

Staff Therapist

Life has a way of throwing us curveballs and keeping us on our toes. Life can be painful and overwhelming at times and most people, at one point or another, find themselves needing extra support. If you’re here, it likely means you or somebody you love is struggling and seeking help.

The decision to start therapy takes strength and motivation and I’m glad you’re here. We often have a desire to avoid difficult emotions and continue with old patterns. But the only way to get a different outcome is to do something different. Therapy is a great place to start the process of change and growth and it would be my pleasure to start that process with you.

I provide a space to facilitate change. I work together with clients to identify interpersonal patterns, habits, and beliefs that are impeding their ability to achieve their goals. Through our work, clients will learn new ways of responding to life’s stressors to improve their quality of life.

I know starting therapy can be an overwhelming process and finding a therapist who is a good fit is important. A collaborative and authentic therapeutic relationship is essential to the therapeutic process and I strive to create a safe and nonjudgmental space where life’s challenges can be openly explored. Please feel free to schedule a consult with me if you have any questions.