I am passionate and committed to helping others. I chose clinical therapy as a profession due to my profound fascination with the way individuals become healthier, stronger, and more empowered through the process of therapy.

Colleen Mascolo, LCSW

Staff Therapist
It is an honor for me to witness the journey a patient takes along the therapeutic process. This is why I truly love what I do. Through my work with patients, I also ensure to continue to evolve and stay current on issues. I pursued my degree and became an LCSW working for more than 15 years with a diverse population of adolescents, adults, and family members who have struggled with anxiety, trauma, interpersonal conflicts and a lack of coping skills that have led to addictive behaviors, self-esteem issues, and unhealthy relationship patterns.
I frequently see people at their lowest moments and watch them as they begin to gain insight, make progress around the goals they set for themselves and gain confidence in themselves. Therapy is about increasing their ability to build healthier relationships, increase effective communication skills, develop distress tolerance, and increase their ability to problem solve. At the same time, I provide psychosocial education to my patients on mental health issues and the process to manage emotional triggers associated with these symptoms.
It’s my goal to assist patients in gaining insight, self-awareness, and concrete skills to help support their development of coping strategies to sustain a healthy lifestyle. I often collaborate with other professionals including psychiatrists, psychologists, and school officials to coordinate patient care. I actively participate in Committee of Special Education meetings and the development of IEP’s for patients with special education needs.