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Online Therapy

Change and Uncertainty

This crisis has created unprecedented challenges to all of us in managing our mental well-being. A climate of social distancing and isolation is a breeding ground for heightened distress and can exacerbate mental health symptoms. Online therapy allows our therapists to effectively treat our clients.

Starting Online Therapy

Our clinicians provide psychotherapy using a HIPAA-compliant video platform. The clinician uses the same cognitive behavioral techniques and therapies that they would have used in person while engaging with the client via the video platform. The initial session(s) focuses on conducting a comprehensive psycho-social assessment of the client’s history and current symptoms in order to get an understanding of how the client’s circumstances are impacting their ability to function day to day. This process allows for the clinician to determine an appropriate course of treatment using effective strategies.

Continuing Therapy Online

Once the goals of therapy are collaboratively established, the clinician uses their expertise to assess the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are contributing to the client’s distress. Using a client centered approach with evidence-based strategies such as (but not limited to) cognitive restructuring, problem solving, and relaxation techniques, the clinician introduces clients to customized techniques so that they can address their most pressing issues. 

The Goal

This approach aims to create long-lasting improvement by teaching clients skills with which to manage existing issues as well as to navigate future challenges on their own.  Clients can capitalize on existing strengths, while learning new coping tools to overcome difficulties and increase their satisfaction with life.