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NYBH conducts comprehensive evaluations and assessments designed to empower clients by providing them with profound insights into their strengths and weaknesses. These assessments cover a spectrum of concerns, including ADHD, autism, learning disorders, twice exceptionality, mood disorders, and more.

Our clinical psychologists work closely with the client and those who know them best to get a true understanding of all the various facets of their life – looking at both the individual and environmental traits that frequently mesh together to create a challenging situation.  

The typical evaluation process consists of the following:

  • Initial intake interview to gather background information and determine what battery of assessments will be conducted to address the presenting problem.
  • Two days of in-person testing assessing the following abilities:
    • General intellect
    • Higher level executive skills (e.g., sequencing, reasoning, problem solving)
    • Attention and concentration
    • Learning and memory
    • Language
    • Visual–spatial skills (e.g., perception)
    • Motor and sensory skills
    • Mood and personality
  • Collateral interviews with teachers and/or parents to gain further insight into the client’s everyday functioning.
  • Comprehensive report outlining all findings and providing a thorough list of recommendations for next steps.
  • Feedback session to review the report and answer lingering questions.

With all of the information provided during the initial interview, collateral calls, and testing days, our clinicians are able to present their findings in clear and simple terms, while providing their clients with a thorough list of recommendations for next steps.

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