Bariatric Surgery Evaluations in NYC

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New York Bariatric Surgery Evaluations

What to Expect in a Bariatric Surgery Evaluation

During a bariatric evaluation, you will be meeting with a licensed psychologist who will ask you basic information about your life (family history, living situation, work history, etc) and more detailed questions about your medical history and proposed surgical procedure, as well as other weight loss methods you might have tried in the past and expectations for the surgery.

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Benefits of Bariatric Surgery Evaluations

If you have tried other non-surgical weight loss options that have not worked, you may be a candidate for bariatric surgery. All bariatric surgeons require this type of assessment before performing the procedure.

What is Assessed in a Bariatric Assessment

In an assessment, plans for aftercare will be discussed, including how you will be caring for yourself after surgery and what lifestyle changes you may need to make afterwards.

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Common Questions

  • Why is a bariatric surgery evaluation important?

    • bariatric evaluation is an important first step in helping your doctor determine if surgery is right for you and is a requirement for surgery.
  • How much does a bariatric surgery evaluation cost? Is it covered by insurance?

    • Bariatric surgery evaluations at New York Behavioral Health are $900. Depending upon your insurance, the cost of your evaluation may be covered. We recommend that you contact your insurance directly to see whether they will reimburse you for the cost of the evaluation.
  • What tests can I expect during the bariatric surgery evaluation?

    • Psychological testing is not required for most bariatric surgery evaluations; however, in rare cases we may feel testing is necessary and if that is the case, we will discuss this with you.
  • If there’s a problem in the evaluation, will that prevent me from getting bariatric surgery?

    • A problem in the evaluation will not necessarily preclude you from having your surgery and your doctor will discuss any concerns he or she has and what steps will be necessary to resolve the issue.
  • Do you accept bariatric surgery evaluations for minors?

    • We are happy to do a bariatric evaluation for minors under the age of eighteen if the surgery is indicated by your child’s physician.

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