You Can Be Right or You Can Be Happy

“But it’s the principle!” How many times have we heard people scream that phrase in the midst of an argument? Or, how many times have we said or wanted to say it when we have been wronged in some way?

It’s human nature to be outraged at perceived injustice, and living in the world we live, we see numerous instances of injustice on a regular basis. Feeling that we have been slighted or even seeing someone else being wronged can stir up a hornet’s nest of emotions. So, how do we deal with these situations when they arise? 

How to Set Healthy Boundaries in Your Relationships

Most therapists or couples’ counselors will tell you that healthy boundaries make for healthy relationships. Maybe that’s not the most romantic sentiment, and probably not

How to Find a Health Coach in New York

Choosing to seek help can sometimes be a difficult decision. Trying to find the right health or life coach in New York City can make