Anger Management Therapy NYC

Anger problems are rampant in New York City.

Do you find yourself being frustrated by incompetent people, unfair business practices, or long waits on automated phone calls? Unfortunately, people’s incompetence, unfair policies of corporations, and waiting for “customer service” representatives are all likely to continue. But, you don’t have to continue to suffer as much. Sure coming into contact with those unpleasant situations, will always be just that, unpleasant. But these situations don’t have to always lead to intense anger and rage.

There is no reason to put your physical health at risk by letting an anger episode drive up your blood pressure. You don’t want to let some incompetent person in your life cause you to take your anger out on some other relationship. And it is easy to see how a long wait could lead you to hang up or to tell someone off on the phone, but wouldn’t that just be shooting yourself in the foot?

Anger Management can effectively help you to stand up for yourself, ask for the respect you want, leave situations where you aren’t getting it, reduce the intensity of your anger, effectively communicate, and problem solve in a way to help you reach your goals.

Anger managment skills taught at New York Behavioral Health are rooted in scientifically tested treatments. Clients will learn how anger triggers, angry thoughts and hostile attitudes, as well as other emotions, e.g., guilt, embarrassment, anxiety, may all play a role in repeated anger episodes.

Concrete anger managment tools are given to clients so they can begin to take control of their behavior and achieve the goals they want. Relationships can improve, productivity can increase, problems can be solved, and bad feelings that often follow anger episodes can go away.