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Substance Misuse Treatment in NYC

What is Substance Misuse?

Drug and alcohol misuse can make you feel out of control. They can lead you to do and say things you regret soon after, and often time lead to not fulfilling your commitments, responsibilities, or maintaining your relationships. Your job might suffer, your romantic partner and family members may suffer, your health may deteriorate- you may suffer in every area of your life. Things that used to be enjoyable may be difficult to do, or may no longer be pleasurable.

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How Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) Can Help with Substance Misuse

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has been proven effective in the treatment of substance misuse. CBT Treatment can help you recover from:

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Substance Misuse Therapy

Starting treatment can be intimidating. It is important to know we do everything we can to ease clients in to the process of ridding themselves of the suffering of addiction, while also addressing emotional issues (anxiety, guilt, shame, embarrassment, anger, and depression), relationship problems, and work performance. We know there is more to the person than substance misuse, which is just one way to cope, that may now not be seen as the best path forward.

What are treatment options for substance misuse?

There are many different theories of addiction and treatments for addiction. Twelve Step Programs, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, pharmaceutical interventions, and religious interventions are all common.  There is a great deal of evidence that treatment is effective.  The earlier someone addicted seeks help the better. But, it is vital to be in the care of a professional, as withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous, therefore it is important for a proper assessment to be conducted and treatment plan to be developed.

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